Digital Glass Splashback

A client in the south of Scotland asked Intaglio if there was a method of transferring a digital image onto a glass splashback as a centrepiece for his kitchen. The answer was “yes.”

Client: Private Domestic Client
Product: Digital Glass Splashback
Location: south of Scotland

Intaglio received the digital image and details of the gap and potential glass size, and proceeded to manufacture this stunning glass splashback as a result. Ten days later our fitter returned and result surpassed the client’s expectations.

So, whether it’s a favourite place, scene or family member, if you have the image then we can achieve the effect you are looking for onto a piece of roughened glass for the stunning backdrop you desire.

This client was delighted, and if you have an image you can imagine being brought to life as the centrepiece of your kitchen, I’m sure you will be too.