Glass Splashback

A private residential customer from the Edinburgh area contacted Intaglio Glass and Design Ltd when she wanted a back painted glass splashback to finish off her recently installed modern kitchen.

Client: Private Domestic Client
Product: Glass Splashback
Location: Edinburgh

Working with her and the architect who had supervised the project, the client chose a colour from the Intaglio product range to contrast the colour of the new kitchen. Choosing Intaglio’s “template and fit” service, our man measured the required sizes, using the latest electronic tooling – allowing for the correct sizes of cut-outs in the glass incorporate the double sockets which were present.

After the regulation two week manufacturing period – every piece of glass has to be Computer Numerically controlled (CNC) engineered to ensure a perfect fit for your home and also go through an overnight “toughening” process to protect the user in the event of a breakage, the splashback which is painted and rigorously quality checked is ready for installation. At this point the Intaglio team installed the finished splashback you see above, leaving the client with a finish she described as “absolutely fantastic.” The result: a delighted client, a satisfied architect and another piece of Intaglio manufactured glass in a UK home.

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